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I see a mountain!

January 24, 2008

The first stop on our trip was Montevideo, Uruguay. It’s a fascinating place. Very lively. You get the sense that the people had a lot of fun.

We hooked onto a walking tour led by an American couple, who met the boat – Celebrity’s Infinity. They charged $20 U.S. each for the tour, which we decided at the end was a bit of a rip-off. For a start, the tour took no more than an hour. And they didn’t really know very much about Montevideo.

Sure, it was useful to have someone point out places like the market – where we had a couple of cold beers afterwards. But the guy didn’t really know much about the place.

Montevideo is the  place where the German warship, Graf Spee, was forced to scuttle itself during WWII. There is an interesting plaque at the quayside that tells the story of how the Germans were tricked into thinking here were more Brits there than there really were.

All in all, we thought Uruguans were more fun and more laid back than Argentinians.

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