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Son of Rambow

June 26, 2008

I am so tired of Hollywood. In fact, I think the whole of the mainstream movie business has completely lost touch with what art is all about.

If the Oscar judges really think that No Country For Old Men is the movie of the year, then the entire industry is in trouble.

Meanwhile, every so often you find a hidden gem like Son of Rambow, a sweet movie that works on many levels. A textured yarn, with good characterization and a complex plot.

Went to see it at the Cineplex on Carlton Street, too. What a difference that makes. Instead of crunching popcorn underfoot, you can actually get a glass of wine before the movie. Okay, you can’t take it into the show. That would be way too civilized for Toronto. But a step in the right direction. Finally a movie you come out of feeling you’d been entertained.

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