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I am a financial genius

September 20, 2008

Who knew I was such a financial genius? Here I was genuflecting to all these great finacial thinkers with their bafflegab doublespeak and their condescending airs and graces.

And guess what? They’re so stupid, so greedy, so completely valueless that the U.S. government has to bail them out to the tune of $85 billion.

I, on the other hand, manage my finances conservatively. I live within my means and I pay off my bills at the end of the month. Turns out the government doesn’t have to nationalize me.

That makes me a financial genius compared to all those boneheads who’ve been paid all those massive bonuses to undermine the entire free market system.

Somehow though, I don’t think you’ll be seeing them moving into modest homes in Scarborough any time soon. Wouldn’t mind seeing them move in with Conrad Black though.

Orange jumpsuits are so attractive on a swindler.

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