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It all adds up

October 4, 2008

Who said the younger generation can’t do math?

I was just in the Bay at Scarborough Town Centre. The young lady who served me at the ladies hosiery counter (I think her name was Saheya) not only outsmarted the computer, she insisted on revising my bill – downwards.

The mix and match special on tights didn’t ring in. Then it only rang in at 35% instead of 40%. Not only did this young woman catch the discrepancy, she patiently went through ten items to make sure every one of them was rung in accurately. And then she gave me back the $1.72 the computer had overcharged me.

Good for her! I’ve been in stores when clerks couldn’t make change from a $20 bill. Not just that, she was very polite. Same at the Guerlain counter. The lady there went out of her way to make sure I got exactly what I was looking for.

Good service is so rare in a department store that it deserves kudos when it happens.

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