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Carry on – regardless

December 29, 2009

Of all the restriction placed on travellers in the wake of the attempted bombing of a Delta plane in Detroit, the one that restricts carry-on bags has my vote.

It’s not a question of security. It’s a simple matter of good manners. Those people who insist on lugging massive, steamer trunk sized pieces of luggage on board are just plain selfish.

Sure, we all want to get off the plane and get our bags. But what makes them so special that they have to take up all the overhead bin space and most of their neighbour’s foot space just so they don’t get inconvenienced?

They remind me of the people who never bother to find a parking spot at the mall and instead park right outside the doors, so everyone else has to drive around them.

Yes, there are some things that have to be carried on board. But check the rest and join the human race.

Even after this terror scare is over, I hope the airlines cut down on the onboard luggage.

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