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Locating my GPS

February 8, 2011

You know, I can almost understand the mentality of someone who would steal a GPS from someone’s car.
I accidentally left my car unlocked overnight recently and someone stole it.
Creeps are born every minute and stealing something someone had to work to buy is so much easier than actually getting a job and buying that thing for yourself.
So, given that crooks are crooks and probably can’t help stealing stuff, I have only one more thing to wonder about.
Who on earth buys from that creep a GPS that is obviously stolen? Can there really be that many people in this world who are so disgustingly hard up that they would provide a market for stolen goods? You’d like to say something like, “Honestly, get a life.” But these people don’t know the meaning of the word honestly, so what’s the point.
Can anyone recommend a good new GPS for me to buy – legitimately, from Best Buy or somewhere where they actually give you a receipt?

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