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Royally confused

March 24, 2011

Oh, here we go. Let’s turn Stephen Harper’s invitation to the Royal Wedding into a political football.

They’re doing that in the U.S., where folk are upset that the Obamas haven’t been invited. So, let’s get this straight. Prince William is not the heir apparent to the Throne. His dad is. So it’s more a celebrity wedding than it is a state affair. If Will and Kate don’t want the Obamas, no need to invite them.

Noblesse oblige and all that.

As for Harper, he should go and have fun. And before all those folk who carefully parse every sneeze and every fart at such events have a hissy fit. Here’s how it works: Harper is not the head of state. Governor General David Johnston is – when the Queen’s not around. So Harper will not enter Westminster Abbey by the great entrance. And he will be seated with the prime ministers from other Commonwealth countries. And it will not be a snub.
Got that? Not a snub.

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