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Ornges and Lemons

February 17, 2012

Health Minister Deb Matthews was fighting for her political life Friday afternoon, as she held a news conference to tell reporters that the government is moving to get some accountability back into the air ambulance system after the Ornge debacle.

She called in the OPP this week to probe “irregularities” at the air ambulance system.

Changes to the Ambulance Act will allow the government to appoint a supervisor or investigators when it’s in the public interest.

She also said she was lied to about the safety of the helicopters.

“We were assured they had fixed it,” Matthews told reporters – although she couldn’t say who had given those assurances.
Teh choppers were configured in a way that made it difficult to perform CPR in-flight.

They’d also been told there was no mixing of the private and non-profit parts of Ornge.

Tory critic Frank Klees, meanwhile, says Matthews should resign – and the government should change the name of Ornge to Ontario Air Ambulance. Or something more colourful – like, say, LEMNS?

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