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Scarborough Separatists

March 6, 2012

Now that karen Stintz has essentially pulled off a coup at Toronto City Council, perhaps the people of Scarborough should consider separating.
Like him or not, Mayor Rob Ford was elected by hundreds of thousands of people across the city.
Not so Stintz, who represents her own little fief – with its own subway.
Now Stintz, in her megalomaniac wisdom is telling the people of Scarborough – not one of whom voted for her – what kind of transit we should get.
PC leader Tim Hudak held a news conference to back subways Tuesday.
“Council has degenerated into a war of personalities,” he told reporters.
He’s right.
How would I pay for subways? I’ve been saying for years that people in the ‘burbs should pay more to travel the TTC. If we’d been doing so over the years, by now we’d have enough money to pay for subways. Then you get the fatcat developers who make a killing every time a subway is built near their property to kick in as well.
I live in Scarborough. I’m tired of downtown types sneering at us because we drive everywhere. We have to. We have such poor transit. Why should Karen Stintz and the rest of the city tell Scarborough we have to give up two lanes of a major east west road – just because we’re Scarborough and we can’t afford subways?
Thanks but no. If we’re not getting subways, you can stick the LRT. I’ll stay in my car.

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  1. roger permalink

    i voted for subways and i thought the best route was the extension of the bloor danforth line
    instead of the sheppard ave east line.due to mcguinty taking the sheppard line off fords plate
    and the move by the current minister of transportation to go with a shortened subway route the
    subway line to scarborough will now go ahead.

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