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Trucking On

June 24, 2015

A new technology developed by Samsung puts a camera on the front of an 18-wheeler truck and projects the image on the back of that truck, allowing cars behind to know when it’s safe to pass.

while some people say the screen is distracting, I think it’s a great idea.

i remember to this day an incident that happened about 25 years ago when our family was on holiday near Lake Huron. We were driving one of those two- lane highways, one lane each way.

Suddenly, we saw a truck approaching – and a car overtaking it coming towards us.My ex-husband was driving. Fortunately, he kept his cool. he gradually edged over as far as he could to the right of the road without hitting the gravel shoulder. In that way he was able to make just enough room for the truck and two cars.

i can still see the terrified face of the young woman who was driving the car coming towards us. She was frozen in fear and seemed paralyzed. My ex had to beckon her forward to completely overtake the truck.

In that split second he saved our lives and that of the other young driver. I suspect she has never overtaken a truck since.

So, yes. By all means. If you can show us what’s ahead on the road, please do so.

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  1. I love the idea of seeing what’s ahead of me when I’m driving behind a truck so I think it’s a brilliant idea!

  2. Robert Strong permalink

    Good day Christina:

    Excellent peace in the Sun this morning “Probe on Hold”. I sincerely feel ther never will be any out come, and the history books will record we have four years with a yet to be proven criminal as Premier. Sad and dis heartening.

    I am sincerely glad we have you at the Sun! Keep up the good work!



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