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Best before date?

February 17, 2017

The unfortunate story of Nancy Elgie, the York Region school board trustee who used a disgusting racial epithet when speaking to a parent, underlines the need for an age limit on elected officials.

Elgie, 82, has claimed her outburst was a result of a head injury. In that case, I’m sure we all feel sorry for her in light of that injury. But it doesn’t excuse her.

Asked about the situation.Premier Kathleen Wynne used her words very carefully recently, saying Elgie needed to “search her conscience.” You’ll have a tough time finding any politician calling for the resignation of another politician. After all, if you force Elgie to resign over this, it begs the question why Wynne wouldn’t resign over the scandals her government’s mired in.

Elgie may well need her trustee job, to pay the bills. That isn’t the point. Public office shouldn’t be regarded as a pension supplement – and I’ve seen far too many octogenarian politicians use it as just that.


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