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Tunnel Vision on Scarborough subway

March 6, 2017

The amount of uninformed nonsense written about the Scarborough subway is scary.

There are those who say, “it’s just one stop.”

That’ true. What they fail to point out is that it will remove five stops on the existing Scarborough Light Rail line.

They say there aren’t enough people at Sarborough Town Centre to warrant that. Don’t know where they’re getting those figures from, but before people spout nonsense, they should go look at what’s at Scarborough Town Centre. There’s been massive development over the past 10 years.

Not just that, there’s a vast shopping centre and government offices. I renewed my passport last week. Like the hundreds of others in line at the passport office, I’d have liked to take the subway. Alas, there isn’t one. There were no riders at Eglinton before the subway stop was built. So that’s a silly argument.

If you didn’t complain about the subway to Vaughan, you have no right complaining about the subway to Scarborough. People in Vaughan have not been supporting the TTC with their tax and transit dollars all these year. People in Scarborough have. They pay taxes in Toronto and deserve to be part of the transit system.

Vaughan just happened to be particularly well connected politically, and made out like a transit bandit. They should never have been the priority transit project. Do you really think those affluent Vaughan types will ever be pried out of their SUVs and into transit? Of course not.

There are, however, a great many blue collar Scarberians who need and want transit to get to work. And they have no other way of getting around.

In future, before you show your ignorance of Scarborough – go find out just where the subway will go before you make ridiculous statements.



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