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No free ride? You’re kidding

May 10, 2017

Should we blame John Tory for lazy kids? I hope not. He’s doing a good job under trying circumstances.

Just got back from a long walk down to the Beach this morning. It’s a beautiful day for walking and it felt so good to have the sun on my face at last.

When  got to Queen and Wineva, I decided to take the Main bus to the subway on my way home. My trust Rocketman app told me it would be a 7 minute wait. So I stood and enjoyed the sun.

I was quickly joined by a  large group of school children.  I thought perhaps they had a half-day and were heading to the subway. As the bus approached, more students gathered. When it finally arrived, at least 15-20 kids poured onto the bus, taking up all the seats and forcing older people to stand. The bus went around the corner and picked up even more students on Hambly Ave. By now the bus was jammed with students sitting and standing. And none of them paid – because the TTC is free for children under 12.

Where did they get off? At Williamson Rd. School – which according to Google maps is a 400 metre, 5 minute walk from Queen Street. That’s right. At least 30 students chose to take the bus on a beautiful day instead of walking 400 metres. They actually waited longer for the bus than it would have taken them to walk.

Is the new TTC free-for-kids policy turning our kids into lazy slugs who can’t walk two blocks? I hope not. Because free transit for youngsters is a nice idea, but if it gets abused it will all end in tears.

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