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Toronto the morose

November 4, 2022

As if to prove my point in my post about London, England, I found the rudest people ever on Toronto’s subway this week. Look, I don’t expect everyone to jump up and offer me a seat. But all those young men slouched over two blue seats meant for those with mobility issues really could take a lesson in manners. They like to pretend they are engrossed in some fabulously interesting article on their phone, but I know they’re not.

The subway used to be friendly. Or at least it wasn’t hostile. And that was the feeling I got this week as I stood on my arthritic legs as all those people ignored me. There was an unsettling anger. Never mind. With luck, they too will get old and will learn they just have to suck it up. No one cares.

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  1. Joyce permalink

    I agree Christina. I am an 83 year old female with no car & so always travel TTC. It is very rarely I am offered a seat.

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