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Bio: I'm a long-time political journalist. I've covered more elections than I care to remember - but politics is so much more than elections. I like to write about politics as it relates to you - what is government doing that affects your daily life. I've also covered Royal Tours and was in Westminster Abbey for the Queen Mother's funeral. I like movies and theatre and opera.

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  1. Larysa permalink

    Christina, you are my favorite writer in the SUN. Thank you for doing real journalism, it is so rare today. Larysa from Toronto.
    Can you cover if there are any honest politicians left, anywhere? Who do we vote for?

  2. Nancy permalink

    I absolutely loved your final comment in your “Wrong kind of cuts” article. You may want to forward it to Rob Ford. I am sure the Mayor would love to impose these types of fees on politicians (and many government employees); to test their level of competency and honesty. I am so tired of government bureaucrats looking to nickle and dime the little guy to death. Politicians making these ridiculous kind of proposals and decisions hold lottery positions; with guaranteed work security, ample sick days, holiday pay and above minimum wage earnings. They are in a much better position to absorb these kind of fees. Honestly, when governments grow to big, the tax pool (non-government employees) from which it seeks to pay for itself… grows smaller, and ultimately becomes more and more burdened. When did we the people revert back to serfdom!

    I am not a hairdresser…but I am a minimum wage employee who wishes there was some semblance of balance between what government employees earn and those that pay their wages!

  3. Ed S. permalink

    Christina I believe any police, fireman, teachers in Ontario and all the high paid people should NOT get overtime pay, just think of all the volunteers that don’t get paid at all, and its the volunteers that pay the taxes. Its the volunteers that should go on strike when those high paid people wnt an increase in pay.
    Ken S.

  4. Sheilah Marans permalink

    Hello Ms. Blizzard. I look forward to your weekly column in the Chatham Kent Pennysaver and wanted to share the April 30th on Facebook. After searching online, I haven’t found your columns. Is there a link that you could provide?

    Thanks for being realistic and vocal about the Ontario government. As a “newbie” to Ontario, I am horrified that the Wynne government was re-elected. Ah well. Some people!!


    Sheilah Marans

  5. Heather MacPherson permalink

    Hi Christina, I was hoping to reconnect. You wrote a couple of articles about my daughter, Nelina, and her journey with DIPG in the Sun. It has been a long journey these past 3 years since her passing. We have now granted over $100,000 to fund research as her legacy of hope.

    • Hi, Heather – Hope you are well. I remember your story. Are you on Twitter? Can you follow me at @chrizblizz so I can DM my contact info?

  6. Rai Remmel permalink

    Your column on Sept. 16th titled “Speaking of Arrogance…..” is the most beautifully scathing article I have read in a very long time. Awesome. Thank you.

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