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Hot cross bunnies

April 13, 2009

Easter is promise. Whether it is a religious promise of life everlasting through the Risen Christ. Or whether it is the promise spring. Of new life.

At Easter, we cast off the cold restrictions of winter. We no longer struggle with heavy coats and boots. We look forward to warmer times. Soft green shoots are starting to come up in the garden – and we can all hope for bright blooms come summer.

Everyone, it seems, is on a sugar high. I made hot cross buns on Friday. That warm yeasty smell of cinnamon and cloves reminded me of how we used to buy hot cross buns when I was growing up in England.

The bakers would open on Good Friday – and sell only hot cross buns. They’d be so warm, you could cut them in half and spread butter on them. It would melt into the bun. You don’t to that any more. You can buy those pretend buns any day of the year, it seems.

Ah, yes. But tradition is so tasty.

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