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She dreamed a dream – then so did we

April 17, 2009

What can it be about the stunning performance of Scottish singer Susan Boyle at last week’s Britain’s Got Talent audition that has the whole world listening?

Is it just that she represents the classic underdog most of us privately identify with? Or did she just speak to everyone’s sense of lost dreams?

What a song for her to sing. I Dreamed a Dream from Les Mis. Youthful dreams that die too soon.

Susan’s naivete, her lack of social graces and her innocence appeal to all of us. She is not media savvy. She doesn’t really care what people think. She simply knows that she has an incredible voice. Did you notice how her face changed when she sings? And she lost the Scottish accent.

Why is it that 11 million – and counting – people around the world have watched that magnificent YouTube video?

You have to view it in context, I think. You have to see the crowd snickering at first. The cruel too cool to be true crew were clearly, expecting her to crash and burn. How could a voice of such beauty come from someone so plain?

Have we become a society that is so superficial, so judgmental that we view everything through the prism of one’s outward appearance? Apparently so.

Her stunning performance makes us all want to stand and cheer. Suddenly, we are all dreaming dreams. Here dream was to sing before a large audience. And she did. And she touched millions of hearts around the world. Because of that, suddenly all of us have dreams as well.

And isn’t that what music is all about?

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