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Own the podium. Or not

February 20, 2010

The foolish part of the Own the Podium program is the foolish way in which it raises expectations.

If you don’t own the podium, you’re a failure. Or that will be the perception.

Canadians like to mask their disappointment about not doing better in the winter Games with the pathetic statement that all that really counts is men’s hockey.

“It’s our game,” they say. Then they don’t win the men’s hockey, and the entire male Canadian population goes into a deep funk for another four years until the next Olympics.

“it’s our game,” they say, beating their chests with manly bravado. Well, clearly, it isn’t our game. It belongs to the world now, and if all those over-paid Canadian millionaire sissies who play for Team Canada don’t get their act together, it never will be. Heck, if tiny Switzerland can come THAT close to whupping our asses, I say it’s time we found another sport to call our own.

Lacrosse, maybe.

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