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Blame the Brits

February 21, 2010

Curiously, this seems to be the reaction of Canadian journalists to criticism of the Vancouver Olympics.

We have screwed up certain aspects of these Olympics. Sadly, though, we are not a mature nation so we cannot take criticism. Like a spoiled child, when others point out our shortcomings, we whine like babes. We don’t look to improve our performance. We slam the people who dare criticize us.
Oh, please. Come off it. Journalists, of all people, should know that caustic commentary is the very essence of what we do. And done well – as the Brits almost invariably do – it’s what should keep this business afloat.

In Canada, where we strive for mediocrity in all things, the very notion that someone should pierce our paper thin hides with witty criticisms of our feeble opening ceremonies, our preoccupation with one sport at the expense of all others and our boring, boring national culture of navel gazing is just appalling.

This is a country where we give our kids ribbons for competing. Excelling is so very un-Canadian.

Honestly, we need to get over ourselves. This is a backwater nation and the rest of the world doesn’t give us a second thought most of the time. Unless they need a war fought, of course. In which case, they expect us to send our fine military people. That’s about the only time Canadians actually excel. Our military shines on the international stage.

So who really cares if our hockey team wins or loses?

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