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Over the Falls

February 11, 2014

I’d forgotten just how beautiful Niagara Falls is until I headed down there today.
It is even more exquisite on a cold day in February than it is in July.
sure, the floral clock isn’t there. instead the dark, bare limbs of deciduous trees stand out starkly on the horizon and the dark hues of the evergeens add their own mystery to the place.
is there any road more beautiful than the Niagara Parkway as you drive in from Niagara on the Lake? Grand houses, kitchy B & Bs on one side. On the other, the Gorge. And gradually you get closer and closer to the Falls.
You hear the roar, see the great plume of spray. And suddenly, the Falls are there in all their awe-inspiring beauty.
I had forgotten how beautiful they are off season. Too bad NF can’t market them as a winter destination. It was so much fun to visit without wondering where to park and without fighting choking traffic.
NOTL is so much easier to shop in February than in the middle of summer.
Couldn’t resist dropping by my favourite gift shops. And had to get marmalade from Greaves jams and some tea from the Scottish Loft.

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  1. Don Foley permalink

    I always enjoy Christina’s remarks. I live is St. Davids NOTL

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