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Get out your screwdriver ..

March 15, 2014

And any other revenue tool you may have.
Premier Kathleen Wynne may be saying “No new taxes,” when she says she won’t hike the HST or impose an income tax hike on middle income earners.
What she is really saying is that she’s running scared. Liberals saw the writing on the wall – or on the Falls when their vote went over them in a barrell in the recent byelection.
They only polled 19% of the popular vote, so they’re stalling for time. That’s what they’re polling right across the province outside the GTA.
They think it will get getter if they hang in linger. I am not so surr.

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  1. Rita Luxton permalink

    read your column read your column faithfully,you are right on, keep up the pressure on the liberal govt. abuse of tax payers dollars re the DRC, Orange scandal , & gas plants

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