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Green beer? No thanks

March 16, 2014

Here we go again with all the fake nationalism and green beer.
The St. Patrick’s Day Parade, a bit like Burns Night, gives all those Irish wannabes an opportunity to get drunk.
A whole bunch of people, a great many of whom have never been to Ireland, not could they find it on a map, get dressed up in green.
They quaff green beer, they sing mawkish rebel songs, they bemoan ancient wrongs that the rest of the world has forgotten.
And, of course, they blame it all on the English.
the Scots are just as bad.
They don kilts and do the whole fake Braveheart thing. It makes me laugh.
They, too, blame the English for everything.
They are voting on a Scottish separatist referendum soon.
Actor Sean Connery weighed in on the whole Scotland for the Scottish
Idea recently – on the side of the separatists – from his home in the Bahamas.
Look, if you want to create a new country, the least you can do is go live in it.

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  1. Emilia permalink

    Being of Irish descent myself, I have to laugh about your remarks about St. Patrick’s Day. Actually, many of the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations you see in North America – green beer, dying the river green, etc. – are really Irish-AMERICAN, not from Ireland itself. But it’s kind of fun for the kids to wear green and see the St. Patrick’s Day parade (I like to go to parade myself to see all the Irish dog breeders’ clubs walking with their pets).

    The Scottish independence movement is another matter. I don’t have a strong opinion on it. On one hand, as a person of Irish descent, I can understand the Scots’ desire to have their own country. Yet even as a Canadian, I see the advantage of being part of the British Commonwealth. Look at Sean Connery: without British citizenship, would he have such easy access to all the former British colonies like the Bahamas?

    I’d prefer St. Patrick’s Day not to be political, and to be fair, in the average bar that celebrates St. Patrick’s Day, it’s not. The Scottish independence movement is another story.

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